Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Verdict is In

Last night, my sweet husband made a quick trip to Chick fil a for milkshakes. I decided it was time to try the banana pudding milkshake, but just to be on the safe side he got a Cookies & Cream one also. :)

After the first sip, I wasn't 100 % convinced but after a few more I was sold. It really tastes just like banana pudding. And it has pieces of Vanilla Wafers in it which is extra yummy. I give it two thumbs up! However, unless banana pudding is your favorite thing in the entire world...I think a small is plenty. We got the bigger one and I'd had enough banana pudding for one night after about half of the shake.

In other news, I was a little bit disappointed with Idol last night. My girl Lauren didn't step it up as much as I'd hoped she would...but I do think she's safe this week. Casey is my other favorite and he didn't let me down. Paul was not good, which was really surprising. Oh and Pia! I keep forgetting about her...she is awesome! I think Karen is out of luck this week...What do y'all think?


Anonymous said...

can't wait to try it :) and i just started watching AI last night for this season, so i'll have opinions soon haha

Joi said...

That banana pudding shake looks delish! Thanks for the rec!!

I'm a Lauren fan, too...although I think she could've done better as well!

Michelle @ Ten June said...

Yum. I loooove the cookies and cream one!!!! : )

I love Lauren- she's a Georgia girl like me!!