Thursday, March 31, 2011

Allow me to introduce you...

This group of girls right here are my best friends from college. There are 9 of us.
During a fall break trip to the beach our sophomore year, we came up with a really cheesy name for ourselves...The Fine Nine. I's kind of ridiculous. :) However, in our defense, we made a promise to each other that this name was to remain in the vault. As in, tell no one. As you can probably guess, someone slipped up and one of our guy friends (who happened to be the biggest gossip EVER) found out and then took it upon himself to spread the word.

From then on, that's what we were known as so we decided to just embrace it.
So much so, that we even have a Fine Nine t-shirt.
(could we get any cheesier??)
The Fine Nine at my engagement party
Miriam, Mini, Erin, Alicia, Aimee, me, Mary, Jenni, & Christie

Half of this group of girls is from various places in South Carolina and the other half are from up north...Michigan, Maine, and Massachusetts. Aimee, the one from Massachusetts moved back there after college and is married, Christie, the one from Michigan is now an actress living in LA, and Alicia, the one from Maine now lives in Charlotte and is getting ready to have a baby! The rest of us still live in SC (Greenville, Charleston, North Augusta) with the exception of Erin, who is currently living in Florida with her husband.

The point I'm trying to make here is that we don't get to see each other very often. It's very sad. But that all changes this weekend!! One of our guy friends is getting married and for us that means a (partial) Fine Nine reunion! There is never a dull moment with this group and I know we will come away from this weekend with some kind of funny story that we'll still be talking about years down the road. I can't wait! I really, really wish that the whole group was going to be there though! (we'll miss you, girls!)

There will be lots of pictures to document the weekend so be on the lookout for those next week!


quite contrary said...

and you left out the part where Christie painted us a cooler! hahaha. See you tonight hopefully!!! Call us after the rehearsal din!

Anonymous said...

that is a pretty group of girls! have a great weekend :)

EHDuBOSE said...
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EHDuBOSE said...

Miss you, Jami! Lots of love! I hope to see you soooon!

EHDuBOSE said...

P.S. I comment before and re-typed it. Typos. What can I say - they don't call me Type A for nothing. :)