Friday, March 25, 2011

I have totally been missing out!

So, I work in a small office with just 7 other people. We like to keep snacks in the office because no one is happy when they're hungry and we don't like cranky people around these parts. :) Somehow along the way in my 3 years here, I have become the "snack supplier". (Well, it's actually not a mystery's because I have a corporate credit card and no one else does.)

Once a month or so, I get the pleasure of a trip to Wally World to stock up. Yesterday, as I was roaming the aisles picking out the best possible snacks (it's alot of pressure!), I came across this:

I saw it and realized that since I had never had it before, it was definite neccessity to try it that day.

Oh my. This is pure deliciousness in a jar right here, people.

I cannot believe that I have deprived myself of this all these years! Am I the only one who had never tried Nutella before?? If not...I suggest you run out and get yourself a jar, pronto.

Happy Friday!!!


Trish said...

Stumbled on your blog. I just had my first Nutella experience a few weeks ago even though friends had raved about it for years. A friend put it in Pillsbury Crescent rolls before she baked them. SO good. Apparantly it's amazing with Nilla Wafers too. Happy Friday.

Anonymous said...

i've never tried it before...i remember my bff bringing some back during our college years, after she studied abroad in paris...somehow still never tried it...i guess it's time :)