Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Confession # 1:
It's a pretty dreary day today and I was having a little trouble getting myself motivated and in the shower this morning. So, to solve that problem, I danced around my house as I was getting ready while playing this song on repeat. It may have also been played on my drive to work...and I may or may not have been dancing in the car.

Confession # 2:
I tend to do this type of thing a lot.

So, my suggestion to you - if you are having a bad day (or even if you aren't!), play this song and back it up like Tonka truck. I promise it will improve your day! :)


marylanierd said...

What I would give to be at the stoplight beside you! ;)
(That is to see the dancing of course!)

Beth said...

Love this post Jami...that song is so fun and J-Lo is amazing...please let me know when you try the banana pudding milkshake bc I thought the exact same thing!

Anonymous said...

ooh i LOVE it! back it up like a tonka truck is going to be my new fave line :) i can already tell haha