Friday, January 7, 2011

Blog Slacking & A Change of Plans

Wow...not a great start to the year for me as far the blog goes! I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted anything. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind and somehow I never found time to update. Now that I am back at work and completely SWAMPED, I feel like my brain is being pulled in a million different directions.

The holidays were great...we enjoyed some much needed time off and spent some good quality time with family. I had planned to do a Christmas recap, but clearly that hasn't happend yet. Maybe I'll still squeeze one in a little bit late.

As I'm sure you recall, the week after Christmas we were supposed to be here:

However, I think I jinxed us with my wish for a white Christmas because we actually had one! As exciting as that was for me since I've never seen snow on Christmas before, it created just a few issues when it came to travel. Not to mention that NYC was getting a blizzard themselves. So, on Monday the 27th, we loaded up the car, went to airport and checked in and went to our gate...all of us excited about the trip ahead but a little bit concerned about just how cold we were going to be when we got there. About 20 minutes after we got to the gate, they broke the news to us that our flight had been cancelled so it was back to the Delta desk for us. They told us there was no way we'd get to NYC so we said, "Ok, well our bags are already packed...we'll go anywhere!" After a lot of searching and a couple hours at the airport, we learned that the only destination that we could actually make it to was Omaha, Nebraska. I'll let you guess whether or not we took them up on that offer. :)

After realizing that a vacation wasn't in the cards for us that week, we headed back home to do some rescheduling. In the midst of our "we'll go anywhere" flight search, we started thinking that maybe we'd just go skiing out west. And when it came time to rebook our flights and hotels, that's exactly what we decided to do!

So, this coming Monday, we're heading to Park City, Utah to go skiing!! Between the four of us going, there isn't a whole lot of skiing experience so it could get a little interesting! But I know that (if we can actually make there...darn you, potential snow in the southeast!) it's going to be an awesome trip!

Our trip is going to include some skiing:

Snowmobiling, which I am pumped about!:

And exploring the cute little town of Park City:

I'm sure we'll also spend a decent amount of time soaking our sore bodies in the hot tub! I see a lot of falling in my future! I just pray that my fear of falling right as I'm getting off the chair lift and holding up the entire line doesn't actually happen!

And I promise a recap with lots of pictures when I get back!


quite contrary said...

hope you have so much fun! miss you

Garrett and Allison Reed said...

Jami, I am praying y'all still got to go on your trip!!! I really hope the blizzard of 2011 didn't ruin yet another trip for you. I might cry for you! Love you so much.


Michelle @ Ten June said...

Oh my gosh- you will have so much fun on the ski trip! NYC just wasn't in the cards for this trip... and now you see why! Great Plan B!