Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good News, Bad News

The GOOD news is that we actually made it on our trip this time. We out-smarted the weather and decided to leave a day early. Thank goodness we did because otherwise we would have never made it. We got a huge snow in SC (well, huge for the south at least!) and we were a little bit sad to miss that. BUT, the trip was SO much fun and we were very excited that we actually made it there. I promise there will be a recap coming soon!

The BAD news is that I am back at work. :( Which means I have not yet found the motivation to download my pictures from the trip yet (or unpack my suitcase...or do anything productive for that matter!). There are some good ones though...so stay tuned!

And in other GOOD news (because who wants to end on a downer), my mom got a puppy! If you know me in real life, you know how excited I get about anything to do with dogs! Needless to say, I am loving having a puppy that I can see whenever I want. Her name is Stella and she is a standard poodle. She is 4 months old and she has the cutest little personality. Pictures of her to come also!

Hope everyone is having a great week!


quite contrary said...

yay! Can't wait to hear about your trip and I love that your mom got a puppy! so cute :) Miss you!

marylanierd said...

Welcome back my friend! Can't wait to see you and see some pictures! And um...PUPPY...must hear details! :)