Friday, January 28, 2011

Charlie Horse!!

So, who all is watching American Idol? I totally thought that I wasn't going to watch this season because of all the changes with the judges. I just couldn't imagine Idol without Simon! But, I actually really like it this year. I think JLo is genuine and sweet and not trying to hard like Kara did. Steven Tyler is a little bit out there, but I like it. And I've always loved the Dog.

This week had some really great moments...some really talented people (last girl in Nashville...SO good!) and as usual, some ridiculously horrible people. BUT, nothing tops this moment for me. I was watching this all by myself and seriously could not stop laughing. Best Idol Moment EVER.

I kinda feel bad for laughing...but I can't help it. And Ryan Seacrest just put the icing on the cake when he told her she needed to drink more water. Thanks for looking out, Ryan!

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy your weekend!!

(PS...2 posts in one day! Wooohoo!)

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