Monday, December 20, 2010

One week from today!!

We will be here:

with two of our BFFs, Ashley & Brent:

Here are a few things on our to-do list:

1. Top of the Rock. Yes, we are definitely going to FREEZE. The HIGH of 33 will be brutal but it's going to be worth it. Check out the view from up there:

Hopefully there will be some snow on the ground in our pictures though!

2. Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center. I'm sure this will end up being HILARIOUS. I don't think any of us have ice skated in a good 10 years.

3. See a Broadway Show. Not sure which one yet...we are still undecided. Any recommendations are welcome!

4. Shopping! I know the guys are thrilled about this, but there will be lots of this going on. I foresee them sneaking away to a bar to watch sports. What do you think, Ashley??

5. Food. Lots of good food. We will definitely be hitting up Patzeria Perfect Pizza for the BEST. PIZZA. EVER. Also, on the list is the Doughnut Plant (sounds like heaven to me!), 5 Napkin Burger, STK & Carmine's.

6. Canal Street for some good knock-offs.

And I know there will be lots more. I mean, it's NYC...the to-do list is never-ending!

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