Friday, February 18, 2011

Little Known Fact

We have a cat.

I realized today that I have never mentioned him on here. His name is Felix and he was my first pet that I got when I moved into my own apartment after college. He used to be the best cat ever...greeted me at the door when I got home, snuggled with me and even let me hold him like a baby. But notice the use of past tense there. Don't get me wrong, I still love him and everything but he has become quite the pain in the rear end over the past few years.

With the arrival of Sydney came Felix's decision to poop on my bed when he was mad at me. Which was pretty much every day considering what he was mad about was the fact that I got a puppy. See what I mean by "used to be the best"?

He finally got over that just when I decided to buy a house. Something new for him to be mad at me about. The cycle continued until he felt that he had punished me enough. :) Then Jason and I got engaged, bought a house and I moved again.  You can probably guess how he handled that.

I'm happy to say (knock on wood) that hasn't happened in a really long time. He has some other quirks that drive us crazy though. Like pawing at the back door to come in the house or when he wants to eat (which he wants to do like 4 times a's ridiculous!)'s got to be the most annoying sound on the face of the planet.

On the flip side, he can be really sweet and sometimes he'll even cuddle with me...but only on his terms of course and usually it's when the dogs aren't around. :) So at least, I know he still loves me. And no matter what, he's still a part of the family. So, since cats live forever and he's only 6, I guess we aren't allowed to move ever again. :) Good thing I really love our house!

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